The Justice Rangers

Color themed Bounty Hunters of Justice


Evil never sleeps, and Justice never naps! They are…the Justice Rangers!

The Justice Rangers are a collection of like-minded individuals dedicated to righting wrongs and combating evil. And what better place to start in this wicked world, than bounties? Because much to Red’s chagrin, even heroes need money and food. And a place to sleep!

Justice Red
The leader of this Group of Good, Red is as mysterious as he is overzealous. With his blessed blade, angelic wings, and heavenly light, he seems more of an angel of justice, than a man…of justice.

Justice Blue
The second-in-command, and the oldest member of the Justice Rangers, Justice Blue is the muscle. A Luchador of unknown origins (cough) who seems more concerned with everyone having a good time, than actually capturing bounties. There are rumors that he was trained by El Macho, himself.

Justice Green
The egghead of the group, who doesn’t seem to enjoy his compatriots’ justice-y antics, Green built most of the group’s gear. His knowledge of machines, namely munitions and robotics, is way ahead of its time. Or rather, behind; considering the level of technology the ancients had.

Justice Yellow
The heavy hitter of the group, Yellow is a master of the self-made martial art: Kick-u-fu. He joined the group in order to test himself against the worst the wastes have to offer. So far they haven’t put up that much of a challenge. That is, until he kicked the party. And they stood back up!

Justice Pink
Don’t let her status as the token female fool you, Pink is an integral part of the rangers, gifted in medicine. And she may yet hold a secret. A secret that will be unleashed upon the Player Party, for knocking her ass out, the first time they fought.


The Justice Rangers

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