Rockin' Horse (Put out to Pasture)

The Mercenary Al unknowinly delivered to Carlos


A pile – no – a mountain of muscle, biceps, and pecs emerges from the once docile animal. It twists, bulges, and flexes, standing to its full height, (all rippling ten feet of it) as it lets out a kick. A mighty motion that knocks you all away, and pulls him into a one-legged stance. Leg outstretched. Elbows in. Fists clenched. Mouth wide. Opening line flying:



Rockin’ is, or rather was one of two mercenaries under the employ of [redacted]. His mission was to capture Carlos, and kill the Party. Under the guise of a normal, everyday, not going to turn into a horse man and attack the Party with rocks, horse, Rockin’ was transported by Alphonse, quite successfully, to the Labyrinth, where Carlos was hidden.

His mission was somewhat successful…if only by smoking the elusive cockroach out of his hole.

Rockin' Horse (Put out to Pasture)

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