The Time-Travelling Genius


A figure clad in a dark blue suit standing tall and proud. His attire practical and ready for combat, adapted from a time gone by though not yet so. The helmet, robotic in design, a homage to the now. Occasionally, his footsteps send bits of stone and dust perpetually floating around his boots.

His very presence, a herald to a new future.


Born in a semi-distant future, Klaud lived in a community in the Eastern Wastes, where humans and mutants alike peacefully coexisted. That is, until the Knights of Genetic Purity attacked. During an unprecedented and meteoric rise to power, the Knights spared no mutant under their regime. Klaud’s father, a powerful telekinetic, aided in the defense of the town while his family hid in their home. However, when a soldier broke into their abode, Klaud manifested his own latent telekinetic ability in defense of his mother. Realizing that they could no longer rely on their home for safety, his mother carried an exhausted and slightly injured Klaud as she searched for his father. They successfully reunited, and Klaud’s father decided that their town was no longer defensible against the Knights’ onslaught. With the remaining denizens, Klaud and his family fled. They eventually found safety amongst the Resistance, with whom Klaud’s father had previous connections.

Settling in the Resistance’s headquarters, the Sanctuary, Klaud spent the next decade and a half with and in service to the Resistance. Inspired by his father’s prowess, Klaud trained under him first to improve his mutant abilities, all the while aspiring to eventually join the Resistance’s ranks, as his father did, to help in the fight against the Knights and restore peace to the wastes. Outside of his training, he excelled in his studies, showing a particular knack for the sciences and mathematics and a particular interest in political and military history. It was during a class visit to the Resistance’s Research and Development facilities that Klaud first met the Professor, a brilliant scientist who had a penchant for formalities and turtlenecks. The Professor gauged Klaud’s interest in his work, and potential, during their first encounter. From then, Klaud became an unofficial assistant to the Professor and a sort of protege.

However, while Klaud saw him as a mentor and role model, he remained undecided as to what he truly intended to do with his talents. While the Professor’s work certainly proved a benefit to their cause, a great part of him wished to join the Resistance’s ranks on the field, to directly defy the Knights. Though the Resistance continued with their fight, the years made it gradually more obvious that they were struggling on the field, as each loss in their ranks became increasingly detrimental. When his father failed to return from one mission, Klaud ultimately chose to enlist in their ranks as a teenager, becoming became part of a reconnaissance squad after he finished his training. He served in this regard for over a year, but then an ambush during the reconnaissance of one of the Knights’ prison camps claimed the lives of most of his comrades and left him severely hurt.

While Klaud eventually recovered, he was deemed unfit to serve in combat, despite the Resistance’s waning forces on the field. Still determined to be of use to their efforts, Klaud turned to his other talents and thus returned to the lab. He was officially reassigned to the Resistance’s Research and Division Department as an assistant under the Professor. During this period, Klaud first became involved in the Professor’s personal work with spatial-temporal technologies. Sometime later, Klaud’s promotion to a full-time scientist gave him the chance to spearhead his own project: the development of advanced artificial intelligence and robotics to bolster their numbers and reduce the loss of life on the field. However, Klaud’s work began in the wake of the Resistance’s logisticians providing grim predictions regarding the sustainability of their efforts. With the development of a functional prototype for manipulating the space-time continuum, the Professor at last posed his findings to the Resistance leaders. They drafted a mission whose goal was to prevent the Knights from reaching their current point of power.

Aware of the dangers, and uncertainty, of such an endeavor, Klaud volunteered himself, confident in both his, albeit brief, experience in combat as well as knowledge of the technologies involved. After some preparation, the Professor sent him off, with his mother watching in the distance. Traversing the channels of space and time, Klaud ultimately found himself alone in the wastes, of a Gamma Terra years different than what he had known. The trip had practically destroyed the prototypical device which got him there, marooning him in this new era. He did not doubt his ability to repair it given enough time and resources, but his mission at large remained the priority. Klaud thus proceeded to brave the lands of North Dakota, fortunate enough to avoid most conflicts, before reaching the rebuilding city of So Fall several years after its destruction.

Searching for some way to truly familiarize himself with his new circumstances, Klaud came upon an academy ran by a robot named GERVAIS. In a strange parallel to his first encounter with the Professor, the sentient robot gauged Klaud’s knowledge and successfully discerned his recent experiences with time travel. Their discussion of temporal technologies and then Klaud’s own work with robotics seemed to have provided enough grounds for GERVAIS to offer Klaud a place in his school, first as a student, despite his age, and then as one of his assistants. Klaud gratefully accepted. With the school’s resources, he educated himself on that timeline’s history, especially recent history, researched the Knights of Genetic Purity of the era, and restarted his robotics project under GERVAIS’s supervision. He also met the other members of the eventual Wild Gang during this time, nothing less than a ragtag group of orphans but nonetheless talented in their own facets. Even when he ‘graduated’ from GERVAIS’s school, Klaud opted to stay in So Fall to continue the development of his own version of a sentient learning AI. After finalizing his first model of HELP, Klaud set off with his friends at last to carry out his mission, starting with the delivery of a certain package under the employ of Atlas…

Born in a semi-distant future, Klaud lived in a community where humans and mutants alike peacefully coexisted. That is, until the Knights of Genetic Purity attacked. During an unprecedented and meteoric rise to power, the Knights spared no mutant under their regime. His father, a powerful telekinetic in his own right, sacrificed himself to allow a young Klaud and his mother to flee. However, they were eventually captured, but instead of a swift execution, they were sent to an internment camp for humanoid mutants. Klaud spent years suffering through atrocious abuses and torment, including watching as his mother was taken away for the slaughter. A child, broken, and no hope, he waited for his own end.

Then, one day, he too was ferried away, along with the rest of his inmates. Theirs would also be a public execution, a display of entertainment and superiority of the pure humans over the tainted kind. As the vehicle rumbled along, some of them tried to break out, others looked forward to the end, and most had just lost hope. When the doors finally swung open, no one even held their breath…until they realized that the people in front of them weren’t Knights. They had been taken to the Sanctuary, the stronghold of those resisting the Knights’ regime.

Klaud spent the next years of his life under the Resistance’s care. They educated him and, later, began training him in militant arts and his mutant abilities. Despite receiving proper medical care, the abuses Klaud sustained left him physically (and mentally) scarred. As a result, he often felt insecure about his appearance and himself, becoming more withdrawn than compared to his peers. In that effect, he also became more studious and determined. It was during this time that he met the Professor, a brilliant scientist who had a penchant for formalities and turtlenecks. With the Professor as a mentor, role model, and something of a father figure, Klaud discovered an innate talent for SCIENCE! and other such pursuits. Yet, a great part of him wished to join the Resistance’s ranks on the field, to directly defy the Knights and, ultimately, wreak vengeance for all that he had lost and suffered. Torn between the possibilities, Klaud nevertheless spent a decent chunk of his time as an assistant to the Professor.

However, mounting their resistance to the Knights came with increased risks. One evening, the alarms sounded as scouts spotted a militant force approaching the Sanctuary. The Resistance proceeded to evacuate its base, but the Professor stayed back to ensure their research did not fall into the wrong hands, and with him Klaud stayed. Barricading the entrance to the lab, he bought them more time, but ultimately sealed their fate at the hands of the Knights…

[Cue prologue flashback!]
“If only we had more time…” Klaud sighs. From the other side of the wall, the sounds of yelling and banging marked the beginning of the assault on the barricaded doors.

“We will,” the Professor stated very calmly while procuring a device from the confines of his lab coat. “Your wrist, please, Klaud.”

He shows him his wrist. “I thought you had disposed of everything, Professor.”

“I have warned you about making assumptions, Klaud. Furthermore, I did not explicitly say that I would, and it is fortunate, maybe, that I did not.” The Professor attaches the device before tapping away at the control pad. “Fair warning, this prototype is thoroughly untested. Even I cannot reliably calculate your end point.”

“End point…?” He tilts his helmeted head. Behind them, the barricades begin to groan. “Professor, what is this? Where are we going?”

“This…” The Professor turns a dial with finality. “…was a personal project of mine. As for where you are going, I cannot say for certain. Ideally, a habitable location.”

“Wait, what?” He looks at the device, the screen glowing with strings of characters.

“More than likely, in a future. Or a past. Such is the case with infinite continuums. It is a gamble, but we can both agree that it is a better alternative to staying here.”

“T-Time travel?"

“Mhmm. Refrain from slouching, Klaud. It is not good for your posture.”

“Wait! Wait…” He straightens up. "I–Well…what about the Resistance?”

“As long as there are those willing to fight, the Resistance will survive.” The Professor steps back. “Now, keep your head about you, Klaud.”

“Wait!” He looks to the Professor, who patiently stares back. “At least tell me, wh–”

The barricade explodes. A light engulfs him, warping his surroundings as he is thrown into the channels of space and time.
[End flashback]

When he came to, Klaud found himself alone in the wastes, of a Gamma Terra years different than what he had known. The trip had practically destroyed the prototypical device which got him there, marooning him in this new era. He wandered for some time, debating whether this was such a great alternative after all. No direction, no purpose. What was he even doing? Fortunately enough, he avoided being picked up by suspicious individuals…That isn’t to say they didn’t try.

He eventually stumbled into the city of So Fall, or at least, what had been rebuilt thus far. Granted, he wasn’t dead or interred in one of the Knights’ camps, but the city as it was did not provide the cheeriest of atmospheres. Walking through the streets, he observed the hapless and the destitute lumber about, scrounging for ends meet, and again avoided being picked up by more sketchy people. Even Klaud’s training couldn’t prepare him for a life in this era, much less in the city. But, despite all the creeps creeping around, he still met some, relatively, nice people. When he attracted flak because of his…outlandish appearance, even by So Fall standards, from some very mean children, a group of others, no older than him, came to his defense. Maybe they wanted something in return, but no. After introductions, it became apparent that they were all really in the same, waterless boat. That was how Klaud ended up joining that motley group of friends. Friends, what a nice word.

Shortly after his encounter with his new friends, Klaud discovered the G.E.R.V.A.I.S. School of…G.E.R.V.A.I.S. Meeting the time-traveling robot himself, he allowed G.E.R.V.A.I.S. to examine his device and confirmed his conclusions that it was utterly inoperable in its original purpose. Still unsure of himself and the situation, Klaud asked to be accepted as both student and assistant, in order to take advantage of the school’s academic resources. He familiarized himself with recent events and brushed up on known history up to that time. Most importantly, he gathered information on the Knights of Genetic Purity of that era.

Years later, Klaud has honed himself in both mind and body. Though effectively stuck in a past, he saw it as an opportunity to continue the cause of the Resistance. Equipped with both the tools and knowledge to pursue his mission, Klaud has set his sights on the Gamma Terra beyond So Fall. He would eradicate the Knights and put an end to their atrocities. Before they could even begin.


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