Charles "Chip" Lever

The Tech Salvaging Doppleganger


A tattered duster and messy hair are the first things you will noticed about Chip. He doesn’t really do much about either considering his occupation, but the messy hair will sometimes lead people to think that he’s a few tools short of a shed. Underneath the duster is a plain white t shirt with some brown pants and boots to match. Stylish. Chip is a slender fellow and if it weren’t for the dirt on his hands, face, and shirt, you might actually assume he’s good looking,but alas. Skin wise he has a dark glow to himself on account of the accident and one of the other noticeable things about Chip you will see are the random clones popping in and out around him in addition to the soft “echoes” emitting from his body.


You ever have one of those days that just didn’t go that well? Yeah well try being your own infinite timeline then tell me about it. Charles Lever, or Chip as he likes to be called, grew up being the son of a junk collector. His old man would go out day after day to grab junk to sell or refurbish. It didn’t bring in loads of money, but it was a living. Chip’s mom wasn’t talked about much, but he assumed she left his dad when he was just a toddler. Growing up with a junk crazed dad was a bit odd for Chip. He would often spend most of the day outside searching for anything that resembled rare, then come back inside and spend the rest of the day trying to renew it back to what it looked like before. These routines left Chip with nothing else to do but find a way to occupy himself. This was usually spent shooting cans with an old BB gun, but eventually he got bored of that. Chip wanted to know what his dad loved about junk so much. He never understood why the old man would occupy himself day in and day out messing with old dusty trinkets so he asked and got an odd answer.

“I do it because…um…” Clearly Chip’s dad was disturbed in some way, but the boy was too young to understand that his father’s mind had left him long ago, probably with his mother. There were days when he old man would forget who Chip was altogether and days when Chip’s father would just sit and stare at his workbench. He was losing his mind slowly and finally Chips father died. The boy wasn’t too shaken up about it. Once he was in his early teens he knew the day was coming. Even though Chip never knew anything much about his dad, the one thing he knew what the love for old tech his old man had. Chip was resolved in at least trying to carry out some of his dad’s legacy and began to search for the oldest tech he could find in order to somehow pay tribute to his late father. The research, savaging, and refurbishing of old tech slowly grew Chip’s interest. With each new hunt he found himself enjoying the journey and payoff more and more. It wasn’t until he read up about an old invention called an “Eye-Pad” that Chip knew he had to go back and see it for himself. So he enlisted the help of a deranged old man, Rold.

Surprisingly enough, using the old man’s time machine was easier than Chip thought. He was willing to let Chip use the thing, almost eagerly so, but maybe he was just excited about the new invention (Ha!). Chip assumed the plan would be easy: go back in time to nab one of those Eye-Pad things then come back and put it as his crowning achievement. The only problem was the time machine Rold had was a piece of junk and it blew up right in the middle of travel which ended up sending Chip ten minutes back,but also leaving a detrimental effect on his body. Somehow the failed experiment pulled all of Chip’s existing timelines in the multiverse and redirected them to, instead of flowing really as they were, flow right “behind” Chip’s. It’s kinda confusing I know. Basically every Charles Lever in any timeline now exists in the current Chip’s timeline. If he ends up dying then Chip will cease to exist from any known timeline and multiverse. Pretty cool huh?

Chip was less than displeased with those results and as an added bonus from the experiment, he now had powers over gravity which I guess is alright. His current goal hasn’t changed much though. Chip wants to go to Wild Land and see what kind of ancient tech he can collect for the memory of his dead dad.

Charles "Chip" Lever

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