Artanis the Blessed

"To protect all that is good. That is my destiny!"


Long flowing locks of chestnut hair, deep blue eyes, and chiseled features form his face. Shining plated armor colored in silver and gold, patterned with grand markings, adorns his body. In his hands are held his instruments with which he acts upon the world, a shield and a sword. And lastly, on a level beyond human, brilliant white wings spread wide from his back, and a warm golden glow surrounds his form and compels all to heed his words.

His very presence, inspires the heavens to greatness.


From the day he was born, something always seemed different about Artanis, and on the streets of So Fall, that’s saying a lot. It may have been the fact that Artanis just seemed blessed. As a child he stood out from the others with a flawless complexion and radiant appearance. It wasn’t that the boy was stunningly handsome, but rather he had a strange draw to him that put others at ease. There was no doubt that the child was visually appealing, but he had a sort of heavenly aura about him that comforted others, making them want to listen to what he had to say, making them feel safe. He was like an angel on earth, although perhaps that impression was just from the white, feathery wings that sprouted from his back.

Still, although his outward appearance and aura suggested otherwise, Artanis did not live a heavenly lifestyle. He never knew his father and instead grew up under the care of his mother as a young child. The only thing he had ever received from his would-be dad, was his name, which his mother said was given to him on the day his father left, just after his conception. Still, Artanis harbored no ill will towards his father, his mother made sure not to paint a bad image of him and Artanis was the type of child that never really got angry at anything. For a while his life was pretty nice. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

Disaster struck, horrible mechanized robots rampaging through So Fall only to clash with equally horrifying abominations made of decayed flesh assisted by the cruelest of gang lords. Artanis took shelter in his home’s cellar, while his mother stayed above to try and protect her child from roaming monsters. Call her foolish if you want, but you could not deny her love for her child.

In the aftermath Artanis climbed out of the cellar only to find his mother buried beneath pounds of rubble. Needless to say, his life as he knew it was over. Life as an orphan wasn’t too hard for Artanis, he made decent living money from begging thanks to the help of that special charm of his, but it wasn’t what he wanted. He was alone. That didn’t last long, however, as he eventually made his way into what appeared to be a collection of… hobos… The hobos took him in as one of their own and became his new family. They raised him from a young boy into a grown man, teaching him the lessons of chivalry, honor, and courage. It was these hobos that shaped Artanis into the knightly man he is today.

That is not to say the hobos were the only people Artanis grew fond of. Along the way he met a small group of people, also orphaned by the crisis, who quickly became his closest friends. To this day Artanis still admires his companions and views them as commendable brothers in arms.

Although one day Artanis decided he needed to leave the back alley ways. There had to be more to life than trash and rags. He was sure that a great, meaningful destiny awaited him beyond the horizon. He may not know what it is, but he was determined to discover it and see it through to the end. As a farewell the hobos gathered their highest quality armor and weaponry, as old and rusted as it may have been, and fitted it onto Artanis to protect him in the trials ahead. As if to give a sign that he was on the right path, a golden light poured from the sky upon Artanis, bathing his armor and weapons in its radiance. The light molded and shaped them into true quality. Rusted iron became hardened steel and dull rags flared into pristine cloths. On his sword was engraved a message that Artanis now lives by. On one side it read, “Protect all that is good” and on the other, “Smite all that is evil.”

Now properly armed, with his friends at his side and with the blessings of his father, Artanis sets out into the vast world, ready to fulfill his destiny.

Artanis the Blessed

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