So Fall, City of Eternal Night


So Fall is my kind of City, dig?

The City of Night. The City of Freedom. The City of blurred lines and broken skies, where the monsters of Gamma Terra wear suits and ties. It’s an out of sight mix of civilization and barbarism. Order and chaos, all bundled together in this big, wet wad of life, that scrambles against itself, to get bigger and better. A place where you can make scratch, or be scratched. Now what do they call that? That’s right: survival of the fittest and richest, daddy-o.

In So Falls, you don’t have friends. You have rivals. You have chess pieces that you move around, trying to cover a city-sized board, and you play for keeps. Until you hear those two magic words, “Check,” and “Mate.” And no one plays the game quite like the Gangs of So Fall.

So who are these major players? It’s an easy question to answer. There are plenty of factions within So Fall City, but none come close to the power and scope of these five: the HP Corporation; the So Fall Police Department; the Dakota Family; Bones; and the Masked Devils.

So Fall, City of Eternal Night

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