Skill Perks

Agile Athlete
When you make an Acrobatics check or an Athletics check, roll twice and use the higher result.

You gain a +2 perk bonus to Perception checks. In addition, you cannot be surprised.

Combat Medic
Bring up ally as minor action, +2 to Science Checks.

Death by Ham
Once per encounter, as a move action you can dramatically fall prone and feign death. Make an interaction check vs. the enemies’ insight. If successful, enemies ignore you, until you move or make an attack. In addition, gain a +2 bonus to Interaction checks.

Jack of All Trades
+2 to untrained skill checks

Jury Rigger
Once per encounter, as a minor, you can bring up a robot companion, as if it had spent a second wind. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus to Mechanics checks.

Secret Stride
You do not incur penalties to your Stealth checks if you move at full speed while hiding or sneaking. You still take the full penalty if you run.

Skill Focus
You gain a +3 perk bonus to a trained skill of your choice.

Skill Training
You gain training (+4) in one untrained skill of your choice.

Skill Perks

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