Primals. The First. These beings, these post-apocalyptic pantheons were born from the ashes of the old world; baptized by the Big Mistake. And whether they be gods, or otherworldly creatures plucked from another reality, or simply mutated abominations, they are powerful. And they walk amongst us. Some more whole than others.

Good or Evil
Primals range from malevolent to apathetic, and maybe the occasional benevolence, when it comes to us ‘lowly mortals’. They are far too wrapped up in their own affairs, usually, to bother with the goings-on of Gamma Terra.

Not every Primal was created equal. As mentioned above, some of these beings are more ‘whole’ than others. Meaning, some possess only a fraction of their true power, shadows, slivers of their former selves, while others got it all. And every single one of these creatures draw strength from a source that’s unique to them. For instance, Yog Sethis, the Silent One, grows more powerful with every mime devotee, that joins their church. Drawing strength from their worship.

Known Primals
Yog Sethis – The Silent One
Gulam – The Devourer
A’Tuin – The Traveler
Castus – The Bringer of Light
Nox – The Dreamer


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