It’s difficult to give words to those who don’t speak them. The Mimes. These quaint clowns of quiet have been around since even before the Big Mistake, and have only grown in number and influence, since. If you see one Mime, chances are there are plenty more where that came from. Since they all belong to the same organization.

The Church of Silence
Mimes are members of the Church of Silence; a religious order bordering on fanaticism, that originated in the Northern Wastes. The Church of Silence is rather tight-lipped about its beliefs, however there is speculation that the Order worships Yog Sethis, the Silent One (one of many Primals, or gods that walk Gamma Terra) in return for power. Power that the Mimes have in spades. The current leader of the Church of Silence is the Mime Pope, Mutus.

Mime Magic
Mimes posses Mime Magic. An invisible force, or influence over the material world in the form of imaginary constructs. When a Mime takes their vow of silence, and becomes inducted into the Church, they gain access to this mysterious power. That only grows in strength, in tandem with their position within the Church, and their continued silence. Excommunicated Mimes, or those who left voluntarily, possess remnants of this power. But it’s considerably weakened, in comparison.

Like pirates and ninjas, Mimes and Luchadors have an antagonist relationship that’s only worsened in recent years; with the sudden influx of wrestlers, thanks in part to El Macho, and the other Lucha Masters.


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