Are you tired of limited character customization? Are the lack of abilities getting you down? Wish you could do more than what your origins and random alpha mutations dictate? Well say no more, Whiny Welby. Because we’re introducing the brand-spanking-flanking new Master System, just for you, the self-entitled Player. But what is the Master System?

The Master System, to put it simply, allows Player Characters to find and train under the best and brightest the world of Gamma Terra has to offer. Learning new abilities, and gaining passive benefits, that vary, wildly, depending on whom your character has adopted as their master. Too good to be true?


There are no real downsides to having a Master. You gain their unique benefit (provided they’re you’re current Master; as you can only have one at a time), and if you stick with them for a few levels, you can gain new powers and abilities, unique to that specific Master.

Masters aren’t stingy, usually, so you can jump around Masters throughout your adventuring career, in order to pick and choose abilities to your liking; building and training your character how YOU want. But how do you know if a given NPC is a master? A fine question.

When you meet an NPC, you’ll know, instinctively (via the power of Meta), whether or not they’re a Master, and the benefits they’ll impart. So training isn’t a gamble, so much as it’s a practice in Power-Gaming. However, not every Master will train you from the get-go. Some Masters will require a quest or a certain Faction Standing in order to be accessed. So if you piss off the wrong person, or don’t complete a quest to their liking, tough luck. They hate you, forever. Or maybe for a few days or weeks.

So choose your Masters wisely, Players, as you only have so many levels to learn what they have to teach.

List of Masters:


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