The Luchador. Long ago, these fabled warriors were said to have grappled with the likes of gods: suplexing the stars, and clotheslining the heavens. Before the Big Mistake nearly wiped them all out.

Nowadays, the Luchadors are few. Atrophied shadows of their former, gloriously rippling selves; sequestered in temples, scattered about the wasteland. Where they preserve the Way of the Lucha; its code and its techniques. Teachings that created a great divide between the temples, on whether or not to involve themselves with the outside world.

The Lucha Master, El Astro, believed that the Way of the Lucha should be shared. Taught. And used to protect those who could not protect themselves. While the other Masters feared these teachings would be misused and twisted. Creating Heels that would plague the world, instead of aiding it. Over the years, various Lucha sects sprung up around these two polar beliefs. Some good. Some not so good.

El Astro
For his part, El Astro took on two students. Two outsiders to spread the Way of the Lucha. Luchadors that would later be known as El Sol and El Macho. The latter of which became a Heel, much to his Master’s dismay. However, if there was one thing El Astro believed in, it was that there was good in everyone. He believed in El Macho. He believed he would find his way. He believed in the fabled Heel-Face turn.

Faces and Heels
Heels. Faces. There is duality in life. As there is duality in Lucha. There is the Face, which embodies all that is good in Lucha. And then there is the Heel, which embodies all that is bad. One preaches serenity. Peace. And knowledge. Using one’s gifts for the benefit of others, not themselves. The other, strength and power. Fear was a weapon, riding shotgun on the Heel’s biceps. And they wielded it selfishly. In every Luchador there is a great battle going on inside, between these two. Who wins is entirely up to the Luchador.

The Mask
The practice of color coordinated anonymity was one of the few things that outlived the Luchadors of old. But why did these guardians wear masks?

The subject of the Luchador’s mask is heavily debated among the few surviving Luchador temples. Some believe that the original masks imbued the Luchadors with otherwordly might; serving as a connection between them and the deity they served. Others believed that the mask served as a reminder. That their strength wasn’t their own. They represented something beyond them. They weren’t people. They weren’t Bob. They were Luchadors. They were a purpose. And a cause does not have a face.

Whatever the reason, these masks are as much a part of the Luchador, as their teachings. They are with them, always. And are bequeathed by the Luchador’s master, upon the completion of their training, alongside their Luchador title. Fully recognizing them as one of their own.

Known Luchadors:
El Macho (Master)
El Astro (Master)
Mighty Boar
El Rayo (formerly El Bolto)
El Sol
El Diablo
El Octo


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