Knights of Castus

Twenty years ago there was an organization, an order of knights who dedicated themselves to the preservation of peace and justice in the Wastes. Men and women who pledged to serve the Primal, Castus, and uphold his ideals. These were the Knights of Castus.

The Knights of Castus
At their peak, the Knights of Castus boasted an independent force of over 500 knights – some of which were Castus’ own Legacies – and policed most of the Western Wastes, much like the Rangers, to the South. They and the territories under their wing, enjoyed a period of peace and stability for over two decades. That is, until, Abbadon appeared.

Wings Clipped
The Legacy of Nox came swiftly, and without mercy. He cut through the knights like a blade that would not break. Would not slow. And only grew stronger with every wound it inflicted. As every casualty served to only bolster Abbadon’s own growing army. The Knights were lost. But they did not go quietly.

Had it not been for the actions of Castus’ Legacies, their and their knights’ sacrifices, Abbadon and his army would have rampaged through the Wastes unchecked. And while the Knights of Castus were destroyed, they took with them a brunt of Abbadon’s forces. Crippling his army, and setting his plans back decades. Fitting.

After all, Castus always had a gift for poking Nox in the eye.

Knights of Castus

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