Wild Land

The Wild Ones
Behind the Scenes Part 7

Chapter 12: Arcade Anarchy

While the angel’s away, the monkey will play. Master Mim Mim pulled and pried at the contraption Young Master Artanis had climbed into, moments ago. A syringe was held in his paws; dry and parched for a sample of the man’s blood, I assumed. To what end, even I don’t know.

Master Mim Mim had a certain hatred of Artanis, that flailed between petty and obsessive. Revenge was foremost on the primate’s mind – eye for an eye, as it were. Followed quickly by his morbid fascination with the young man’s physiology. Were it not for the Master’s burgeoning curiosity of the world of wrestling, I would have thought it impossible for him to think of much else. Young Master Octo may prove to be a positive influence on Master Mim Mim, in that regard.

Theirs was a friendship he had been deprived of for much of his life; one that he was in dire need of, certainly, if only to grow as a person. Because the humanity that the Master so desperately sought, may be less physical and mundane than he had originally envisioned. In fact, it may very well be the bonds he forms here and now, with this group. At least, that is the hope of this humble servant.

My hand found purchase around the Master’s torso, as I gently lifted him off and away from the machine. He fought back against my grip, at first: flailing, growling, even biting. Before he accepted the five-fingered inevitable.

“Master Mim Mim.” I chastised him like a child. In a way, he still was. “You must not disturb them. They are in the middle of something important. I dare say that messing with this equipment will prove detrimental to their goal, here.” At the time, I hadn’t realized how right I was. Or how much my warning would serve to foreshadow the coming events that would seize this ancient facility in its chaotic grip, that even now, tightened around us.

“Mim Mim wasn’t doing anything!” The Master, as always, was quick to make excuses. To differ blame. To pathologically make paper-thin lies, that a stern stare could easily tear through. “Mim Mim was just going to…uh, check his vitals?”

A sigh escaped my lips, that had long since been pulled into a frown. I drew him toward Young Master Klaud’s machines, a pair of contrivances that obediently kept to themselves. There was an example to be followed here. No matter how hollow, or superficial. “Master Mim Mim. There is nothing to be gained in your mischief. Young Master Artanis gave you a chance to redeem yourself. To be better than what you are. And I, for one, believe you still can. Why, look at these…things. Lumps of circuitry and metal, though they are, they are still regarded as companions by the Young Masters. Friends. And why is that? Discipline, Master Mim Mim. As artificial as it is. Discipline and loyalty. These things can be counted on and trusted. Which is rare in the wastes, and treasured far more than any bit of ancient technology.”

I believed he could change. That he could help, instead of harm. Even when he could not, and would not believe it, himself. But even I couldn’t predict how quickly he would step up, when Ding jumped to its feet and a gunshot tore through our brief reprieve.

Colorful Conversation
Behind the Scenes Part 6

Hey Justice Red this is Boar. And uh I think this is the place, dood.

Justice has no name, Justice Blue. Use your Justice…name!

Okay dood.

Why would they be here?

Our comrade says the Wild Gang would appear here. In the Wasteland Entertainment building. I have no reason to doubt our ally…in Justice!

I’m lost, doods.

Right you are, Justice Red. This is where those fiends will appear. In the depths of this very building. Just passed the…vault.

I’m answering questions now doods. I got this.

Finally. A rematch. I will show them how much I’ve improved.

I don’t got this.

This isn’t about fighting, Justice Yellow. This is about protecting those who would be harmed by these villains…by fighting them!

This helmet dood is cheating, guys.

Has anyone seen Justice White? I fear he may be with that robotic monstrosity.

Probably at the vault, that he was scoping out earlier…

Silent Conversation
Behind the Scenes Part 5

The phone goes off. A jingle jangle he ignores, as he admires himself, framed by the emptied glass. The crown clashes with his suit. Terribly. But still, he can’t help but enjoy it. The feel of it. The look of it. But what he liked most, was what it represented: victory. Conquest. He, Carlos, was the better man. And there it sat, a top his head, proof, a trophy he refused to take off.

The phone went off again. Its tones joining the party that played out behind him, in the bar. Few had his number. A select few. So, after letting it sit for several minutes, Carlos finally answered.

“Hola, senior. You have reached the number of Carlos. What can Carlos do for you?”


“Senior. Can you speak up?”


“…Is this the Mime? Senior, did you seriously call me? On the phone, when I cannot see you, throwing your limbs around like a sugar addled child?”


Lab Assistant
Background 6 of 5...wait

Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Lab Assistant

You’re the Marty McFly to someone else’s Doc Brown. The boy wonder to an older, less attractive, (and not quite as skilled) batman. You are the venerable, if under-appreciated assistant. And it is through this budding exposure to science (and radiation) that you’ve managed to grasp a few of the finer points. Namely centering on Omega tech.

We’re going to need another Timmy

  • Having survived the brunt of your Mentor’s experiments, you’re hardier than most. The first time you are bloodied during an encounter, you gain 5 temporary hit points.

Science by Association

  • You’ve managed to pick up a few thing from your mentor, even though he didn’t seem all that interested in teaching you in the first place. You gain a +2 background bonus to your Science and Mechanics skills.

Omega Recycling

  • Gain the following Background Feature(s):

When omega tech falls apart, someone would usually throw it away. But not you. You’re able to use these discarded artifacts to either heal you and your allies, or to bolster working omega tech.

Omega Overcharge: With a Mechanics roll you infuse an Omega Weapon with a reservoir of energy (and discard a broken Omega Tech item), that lasts until the end of your next extended rest or until it is expended. The wielder of the Omega tech can use a free action after making an attack roll to expend the reservoir of energy to gain a +2 bonus to that Omega Tech’s attack roll. An Omega Tech item can be augmented only once per day in this way.

Omega Infusion: Using Mechanics, you can create healing infusions for later use. At the end of an extended rest, you can create two healing infusions (Discarding one broken Omega Tech item) that last until the end of your next extended rest.

HP Corporate Voicemail
Behind the Scenes Part 4

You have one unheard message >>

“I…” The secretary stared down at the phone. Hard. For several minutes. Before dialing an extension. “Hi, yes. Could you send up one of the interns? I’d like them to pass along a message for me. I’m just…swamped here. Yeah, that would be greeeeeeat.”

Carlos vs the Hobo King
Behind the Scenes Part 3

“I’ll give you hobos some credit.” His voice stuck out. Not because of the accent. But because it was the only thing that had not been fired out of a gun in the past hour. “You’re pretty tough. It’s almost a shame to put you down.” Another gunshot. “Almost.”

Carlos looked around the hobo’s makeshift throne room and frowned. His eyes stepped carefully through the garbage. Stopping every so often, as if something had went squish beneath their figurative feet. This place was disgusting. And he was a roach. He knew disgusting. “Muchachos. Once we are done here, I want this place removed. I want it gone. I want El Jefe to be able to look down upon this black mark and smirk. ‘Ha, I remember when there used to be a pile of shit, there.’”

The corporate soldiers nodded, gathering their explosives. That is, until they froze on the spot.

“We are not finished.” A voice. Weak? Kind of. Heavenly? Certainly. Alluring? Well it was kind of a attractive, in a non-homosexual way. But out of everything, it was mostly just surprising. Because Carlos thought the Hobo King was dead. Yet the sparkle toothed corpse in question was standing right there, his sword drawn and pointed at them.

“Hola, your hoboness. I thought I killed you. No matter. What’s a few more bullets, huh? You’ll be digging through trashcans in heaven with your amigos in no time.” Carlos raised his gun. And found several other, much bigger guns pointed at him from all sides.

“Muchachos. What are you doing?”

The corporate soldiers, their faces blank, had drawn their weapons on Carlos. Occasionally they would shoot furtive glances at the hobo king. And blush.

“They are captivated by us, Carlos. They will defend us. They will fight for us.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? He’s not even that good looking. Come on, Muchachos.” The roach sighed. “You haven’t lost your charming touch, I see. That is unfortunate.” He undid the straps on his holsters. “For them.” And filled the room with gunfire and smoke.

Killing the soldiers in rapid succession, Carlos’ arms (all four of them) fell once more toward the Hobo King. Their muzzled intent floated there in the air for a few, fleeting seconds. Before he squeezed the trigger and put an end to this shit show once and for all.

Only for the bullet to stop inches from the King’s pursed lips.

“Are…” Carlos lowered his arms. “Did you…” He could only stare, at this point. Stare, blink, and pinch the bridge of his nose. “Did you just glower my bullet into stopping? You handsome bastard.”

He shot again. The second bullet stopping just behind the first.

“I can’t fucking believe this. You’re going run out of smolder, eventually, amigo!”

A third, a forth, and a fifth formed a ballistic conga line that crawled toward the hobo king and his magazine cover gaze. Until the sixth, seventh, and eight dug it slowly into his forehead.

“It’s been a pleasure, Richard. A ridiculously good-looking pleasure. Adios. I’ll be sure to say hello to your little boy, Artanis for you.”

“You will not harm Artanis…We will not allow yo-”

Carlos ended it with the ninth.

Project Hellwolf
Behind the Scenes Part 2

Entry 12. The sample the soldiers brought back was impressive – as were the losses they sustained to get it. Something as small as a fingernail, contains more genetic complexity than entire organisms. Perhaps even ecosystems. The skin, what I presume to be skin (or perhaps hide would be more appropriate), it’s ability to regenerate itself is especially of note. Perhaps, I can replicate it.

Entry 25. Experiment 126 and 127 have outlived their predecessors by weeks. Thanks in part to a change in diet. There’s something uniquely monstrous about this thing’s genetics. Something hungry. The previous experiments died, not through incompatibility or cellular rejection; the experiments merely ate themselves, when no other form of sustenance was available for a period of time. Is there a way to get passed this? To circumvent this damn thing’s instincts?

Entry 57. Genitals! That’s the answer. It’s been staring at me every time I dropped by pants to take a piss. Genitals! Replace one instinct with another. Project Hellwolf is finally getting some traction. I can’t wait to tell the boys down at the lab that all we have to do is slap a dick on it.

Entry 69. One got away during a field test. God knows where it is now. Somewhere in the city. The irony of the entry number isn’t lost on me. Really screwed up this time. Oh well. We still have more. I mean, it’s not like the lab is going to blow up in the next few days, right?

The Horned Man
Behind the Scenes part 1

The office was an oven. A furnace whose dial turned with the horned man’s mood. And right now it was simmering on annoyance. Sweat ran down Emilio’s carapace. His face drenched. His brow creased. His hands pinched and wrapped around a handkerchief, that was soaked in his discomfort. His nervousness. While his eyes avoided the desk. Avoided the man seated behind it, as the man’s own heated gaze bore into him like a hot poker.

“El Jefe. I-I can explain.” Emilio’s words cascaded. A dripping, stuttering mess. “It wasn’t my fault. It…It was-”

“The Hobos.” Short. Succinct. The horned man spoke only three grim syllables before nodding to the cockroach at his side. A gesture Carlos returned.

“Consider it done, El Jefe. The Hobo Kingdom has grown far too bold, these last few years. An example will need to be made of them.”

“P-papi, is that really necessary? I mean, they probably didn’t know who they were messing with.”

“No? Well, hijo. They will know now. Besides. You have more to worry about than us taking out the trash. Like the Wild Card, to name a few things. Pendejo! What were you thinking? Don’t answer that. You are lucky that El Jefe – thank you, El Jefe – doesn’t kill right where you stand. If you have time to make excuses. You have time to go out there and find them. Because if you don’t, not even I can save you, hijo. Find them. Kill them. And get that card. You are dismissed. Go now, you’re upsetting El Jefe. And I am tired of being drenched in your hot failure.”

Emilio was gone in moments. Leaving the horned man and his right-hand alone.

“I cannot apologize enough for my hijo’s failure, El Jefe. He takes after his mother. After I am done with those vagrants, I will personally see to this Wild Card business.”

“You are needed here.” The horned man’s words burned the air. As smoke rose from his suit, bringing the room up a few more uncomfortable degrees. “The expansion and the railway cannot be delayed any longer. Put a bounty on them. And bring me…The Mime.”

Perks Part Two
Junk and what it means to you


Ancient junk. You’ve rolled for it plenty of times in Season One, but you probably didn’t see much point in it, beyond a laugh – ha ha, I got a toilet seat guuuuuuuys! Well, I’d like to address that. By giving Ancient Junk purpose, beyond a tradable commodity, with the Ancient Junk Perks.

With the Ancient Junk Perks you can break down the aforementioned Junk into usable components. These components are, of this version of the crafting system: adhesive, antiseptic, cloth, metal, rubber, circuitry, oil, ceramic, glass, plastic, screws, and gears. With these components you can upgrade your companions, make healing items, restore broken omega tech, upgrade your gear, ect, ect.

The Ancient Rigger is one of the Junk Perks, which mostly revolves around tech. Robotic companions, building devices, and upgrading gear. Stuff like that. What you can build or upgrade is based entirely on your available components and whether or not you have a certain ‘recipe’. Which can be earned or purchased from NPCS. Found in Ancient Ruins. Or stumbled upon by sheer happenstance.

Since the Ancient Rigger is most likely the only junk perk that’s going to be picked up, I’ll just focus on them for now.

As of this version of the crafting system – and I’m always open to suggestions and criticisms – these are the starter recipes for the Rigger:

Perks Part One
Welcome to 'Newb' Tier

You did it. You made it to level 2. You learned so much in those few hours you spent, running for your lives out of a city you used to call home. Maybe it was the adrenaline that spurned this sudden increase in strength. In potential. Maybe it was the horse that hit like a truck, going 100mph into another truck. That exploded. Whatever it was, you’re better for it. You’re a little more ready for what life wants to throw at you. And to reflect that, we’re going to give you a little more than a critical benefit. I’m talking, of course, about Perks.

Perks. You’re going to get them every other level. Levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. That’s 5 perks, max, friend. So choose wisely. Some of these will require other perks as a prereq. Others you’ll be able to continually pick for a cumulative bonus of some kind. Ancient Junk related perks will be covered (in more detail) in Part Two of our Perk series*.

Until then enjoy your ‘Newb’ Tier Perks:

Don’t grant combat advantage when surprised, +2 Perk bonus to Perception.

Alpha Shucks
Once per encounter, you may redraw your readied Alpha Mutation.

Ancient Rigger (Junk Perk)
Using Ancient Junk, you can make special items of your level or lower. You must have the correct formula and the appropriate skill.*

  • Companion Boosts
  • Armor/weapon buffs
  • Potentially build Vehicles and Companions
  • Repair Omega Tech

Anger Unleashed
+2 Perk bonus to attack rolls while bloodied.

Animal Friend
Unless you attack it first, wild animal monsters will ignore you in battle.

Brawler Guard
+1 Shield bonus to AC and Reflex when one hand is free.

Brutal Brawler
Increase damage of Unarmed attacks by one die type.

Brutal Teamwork
+2 Damage when adjacent to any ally

+5 stealth outdoors when you have concealment

As a minor action you may eat fallen (organic) foes to regenerate 10 + your level HP (twice your level, if enemy is Larger than you). Warning, some enemies may constitute a saving throw.

Chemist (Junk Perk)
Using Ancient Junk (and local fauna), you can make special items of your level or lower. You must have the correct formula and the appropriate skill.*

  • Healing items
  • Poisons
  • Explosives

Combat Challenge
Every time you attack an enemy, whether the attack hits or misses, you can choose to mark that target. The mark lasts until the end of you next turn. While marked, target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls for attacks that don’t include you as a target. A creature may only be subject to one mark at a time. A new mark supersedes a mark that is already in place.

Combat Challenge ll
Requires Combat Challenge (or Hobo Knight Background Feature). Whenever a ‘marked’ enemy that is adjacent to you shifts or makes an attack that does not include you, you can make a melee basic attack against that enemy as an immediate interrupt.

Combat Medic
Bring up ally as minor action, +2 to Science Checks

Combat Reflexes
+1 to Opportunity Attack rolls

Combat Superiority
Requires Combat Challenge (or Hobo Knight Background Feature) An enemy struck by your opportunity attacks stops moving, if a move provoked the attack. If it still has actions remaining, it can use them to resume moving.

Defensive Mobility
+2 to AC against Opportunity Attacks.

Dirty Fighting
+4 to melee damage against surprised enemies.

Distant Advantage
Gain combat advantage with ranged and area attacks against flanked enemies.

Eager Advance
+4 to speed on first turn of an encounter

Far Shot
Increase ranged weapon range by 5 squares

Fast Runner
+2 to speed

+2 to AC vs. Opportunity attacks provoked by ranged or area powers.

Gun Mastery
Gain one of the following at-wills: Aimed shot, Clever shot, or Rapid Shot.

Improved Initiative
+4 to Initiative checks

Jack of All Trades
+2 to untrained skill checks

Junk Rounds (Junk Perk)
Turn 5 pieces of Ancient Junk into a thing of Ammo.

Mutant Perseverance
+2 to saving throws

Point and Laugh
Until the start of its next turn, Allies get +1 attack rolls against an enemy that misses you.

Quick Draw
Draw a weapon with attack action, +2 to initiative

Skill Focus
+3 to checks with chosen skill

Gain 5 Additional HP per rank of Toughness

Wild Wasteland
Once per encounter you may roll a d100 for something completely random to occur. Good or bad. Or just plain odd.


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