Sir Alexander

One "Hell" of a good Butler


Alexander was not born the posh and classy gentlemen devil he is today, oh no. In fact in his younger years he was quite the ruffian, always getting mixed up in the wrong crowds and such. Back in those days he simply went by the name Scorch. Scorch was a tough back alley demon that didn’t take crap from anyone, he also didn’t have anyone either. You don’t make many friends when you are constantly threatening to burn everything they love to the ground. the only real comfort Sorch could find for himself was his fire. He grew an immense interest in watching all kinds of things burn and it wasn’t long before he was a full, grade A, top notch, blow your socks off Arsonist! He even went through the trouble of founding a gang! The Devil’s Teeth is what they were called and Scorch was the king of them. As an arsonist, life couldn’t have been better.

It was not until Scorch had an encounter with a rather rich family that everything changed. The Devil’s Teeth was going to raid a rich looking limousine and Scorch himself just happened to be along for this particular ride. The robbery didn’t go quite as planned as the bodyguards that came out of the limo were packing more heat than the band of gangsters could handle at the time. After lots of gun shots Scorch was the only one remaining, and he didn’t go down easy like the rest. That was when the rich bastards made him an offer. Be their butler and serve as a personal bodyguard for their recently conceived child. Needless to say Scorch was disgusted by the proposition but once a few more guns were aimed at him he soon realized he didn’t have much of a choice. To prove his loyalty the family had him dismantle the Devil’s Teeth the only way he knew how, by roasting every member he could find. Even to this day Scorch doesn’t know if anyone survived or if Devil’s Teeth still lives on with a new leader, not that he really cares, that life was behind him now.

Scorch then spent the next nine months of his life being trained on how to be the perfect butler, pretty much at gunpoint the entire time. Over time though he began to relax, and his ‘inner fire’ so to speak began to dim down. He never really grew to like the family, but he reached a point where he no longer tried to rebel as he matured. When his training was complete and the child was born he was given a new and ‘proper’ name, Alexander.

At first Alexander didn’t care for raising the child. He wasn’t the largest fan of kids. However the girl named Cecilia soon proved to be an exception. Her psychic powers made her so much more than a mere child and it wasn’t long until Alexander grew interested in her. If she was this strong as a mere seven year old, imagine what she would be like when she grew into a mature woman. As such Alexander dedicated himself to protecting and serving Cecilia as a proper butler. Still though a piece of Alexander to this day remembers the life he lived as Scorch. The urge to set things aflame still lie within him. Sometimes its difficult for him to repress this old, violent self of his. In the end that side of him still wants to set anything he can aflame. Some people really do just want to watch the world burn…literally.

Sir Alexander

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