A truly outrageous hologram


Star (Sophisticated Three-Dimensional Artist Replicator) Is the ultimate entertainer, made to be able to copy and incorporate any musical or dance style from any era whilst being able to produce various sound and visual effects. Sadly due to a glitch or some kind of software damage, the era selector was permanently stuck on the 80’s, also due to this damage, Star sometimes glitches and repeats the first or last letter of a word in a sentence now and again.

This damage though has allowed Star’s normal abilities to go beyond the limitations set upon the original programming, allowing Star to create three dimensional light constructs outside of the stage!

Star was found through Gervais’s various time traveling adventures and has since then been Gervais’s companion, making up for the robot’s lack of emotions with the emotional and quite vivacious personality program.

Star’s unique ability to manipulate light allows for a variety of defensive as well as offensive moves to be displayed. Star often uses these abilities to protect allies and it’s self. Star also uses these abilities to create ‘holograms’ for a variety of purposes. From conjuring illusions to distract enemies, to creating three dimensional maps to help it’s allies traverse some maze.


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