Mim Mim

The Tiny Terror behind the Flesh Beasts


Mim Mim is, or rather was the mysterious force behind the Flesh Beasts, that assailed the Hobo Kingdom, in his misguided quest to become human. Before the Heroes of So Fall put a stop to his nefarious schemes that is…and recruited him?

For all his racial dysphoria, dribbled in blood and death, Mim Mim is a gifted surgeon and biologist. An artist, a sculptor (if you will) of flesh and life. Perhaps that is why the first party spared his life and freedom: his potential to do good. Not because they wanted an army of Flesh Abominations.

Ten years later, the Second Party found him during their escape from the city, chasing what he claimed to be his ex-assistant. After dealing with said assistant’s beasts, Mim Mim was taken into the party’s custody, at the mercy of Artanis. What awaits the squeaky flesh sculptor, and whether or not he possesses the capacity for (positive) change is anyone’s guess.

Turns out what was waiting for him was getting his eye burned out by radiant light. Which he wasn’t really cool with. I mean, look at that frown.



Mim Mim

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