King Richard Dross III

Ruler of the Hobo Kingdom


The crunch of garbage, that screams beneath your feet, announces you like a horn, in the Hobo King’s court. Welcoming you, almost as warmly as that smell you can’t or don’t want to place. As a man, a strangely handsome individual, looks down at you with disinterest. Leaning into his knuckles and fighting back a yawn.

“State your business,” the filthy Fabio demands from his throne of cans and tires. “We are quite busy.”


King Richard Dross lll is the current King of the Hobos; ruler of the Hobo Fiefdom, of So Falls City, following the death of his father, Richard ll. Before his Kingdom was beset by the Flesh Beasts, the King was on a campaign to expand his territory, rather aggressively, in spite of the other Factions’ wishes.

To avoid conflict, a neutral party was contracted to placate the Hobo King, which in turn brought about the clandestine meeting between the Party and Richard. Upon learning of their victory over one of the Flesh Beasts, King Richard sought their aid. A quest to find the source of the Flesh Beasts, and put a stop to it, so that his Hobo Subjects may continue to live, unmolested and uneaten.

The Party, attracted to the rewards offered, kind of, sort of, said yes.

King Richard Dross III

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