Honest? Dan

The mysterious, many monikered man


Honest Dan posed as the Cog appointed diplomat, who followed the party into the Monster Forest to set up peace talks between the two warring factions. That didn’t work out. He later resurfaced as one of the Knight Lieutenants, who fought the Party in the burning forest. That also did not work out. As he revealed himself, in part, during the exchange. Noting his connection to the Wild Card, and the man who wanted it delivered. For reasons unknown, he returned the Wild Card to the Party, after they had lost it to the Red Cogs. Instead of keeping it, himself.

Again. He resurfaced, later. In the company of Commander Cog, aboard the Helicopter. Before flying away, and revealing his ability to shapeshift.

Why was he with the Knights of Genetic Purity?

Why did he return the Wild Card?

These questions, and his motives, as always, remain a mystery.


Honest? Dan

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