Rold the Hermit (Fowled)

An old man determined to get back at the party


Not much is known about the Hermit. Save for his (questionable) knowledge that stretches centuries and his irritating inability to die. Before the party paid him a visit, he lived in seclusion, along the Great Oad. Yelling at what few passersbys bothered to step on his lawn. As fate would have it, his next batch of ‘damned kids’ was the party, who eventually set his beer, house, and pig on fire – in that order. He’s since stalked them during their travels throughout East Dah-Koh-Tah, all the while vowing vengeance.

The Hermit was last seen being carried off by a group of Carrin, to a fate unknown.

Rold the Hermit (Fowled)

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