Grem and Lump

Monster Brothers


Grem and Lump are brothers, believe it or not, tasked with the protection of the Monster Village. Which they’re pretty good at, when the Knights of Genetic Purity don’t launch a surprise attack that sets them on fire. The Party talked them down from a fight, when they first met, and are currently on amicable, if strained terms on account of the above surprise attack.

Grem is the leader of this duo. He’s also quite the movie buff. He enjoys the Ancient classics, particularly Spaghetti Westerns and martial art flicks, which he emulates to a frightening degree in his own fighting methods.

Lump is a simple, if large soul who sees the best in everyone. Passive, almost to a fault, he won’t strike out unless someone endangers his brother.


Grem and Lump

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