Emilio Carlos Santiago Sanchez Estrella

HP Executive / Artanis Admirer


Emilio is one of the executives of the HP Corporation, tasked with finding the WILD CARD. Of Carlos’ progeny, he’s proved to be one of the more sophisticated and ambitious. The corporate ladder to him, seemed more like an escalator, as quickly as he rose up – he could almost see THE BOSS’ toes. And he thought this latest assignment, at the time, would guarantee a chair on the big, mahogany boardroom table. But, instead – thanks to the Heroes – it was almost a demotion. And by demotion, I mean death by fire.

His mission remains very much the same, just with a little more motivation tossed in – nothing quite like fear of death to rev up that company morale. And while he may not have gotten that promotion he wanted, he did gain something out of his failure. Something he thought he would never find on the corporate battlefield: love. Artanis rummaged through his chest, like an alleyway dumpster, and pulled out his heart. And gave it a kiss.


Emilio Carlos Santiago Sanchez Estrella

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