Dick Diamond

The gabby gumshoe


Dick Diamond is the undead detective the party went to in BorderLand, to find out more about Wild Land and the Wild Card. While he wasn’t able to point it out on a map, he did give them a few clues in regards to its location. Currently, he’s digging up information on Bart Wisney, and his relation to Wild Land.

Years ago, Dick Diamond wasn’t Dick. In every sense of the word. Back then he went by a different name, like, “Hey you.” Or, “Minion!” As one of Abbadon’s mindless soldiers. However, unlike the rest of those meat puppets, Dick suddenly, inexplicably became self-aware and independent of Abbadon’s control, for reasons unknown. Where upon he fled, and eventually set up shop in BorderLand. All the while keeping tabs on his former employer. Hoping to one day put him and his gang down for good.


Dick Diamond

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