Carlos Santa Teresita Del Niño Jesús

Leader and founder of the Red Devils


Following the…dissolution of the Devil’s Teeth, Carlos established his own gang. Eventually setting up shop in Stupendico’s Shelter 202, South of Far-Go. However, it wasn’t until the ‘crash’ landing of the Alien ship that the Red Devils saw real profit. Stripping the ship of parts and an assortment of alien tech, Carlos cut a deal with the Cryptic Alliances. A deal that would ultimately put him and his gang in the cross-hairs of not only the Party but the very Big Name organizations he did business with.

Following the attack on Shelter 202, Carlos fled to So Fall City, with the Alien Object in tow. There, the Party rescued him from the Labyrinth, and the assassin they had unknowingly brought to his doorstep. He’s been out and about the city with El Macho, ever since.


Carlos Santa Teresita Del Niño Jesús

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