Bilious Tomspoon

Former mayor of Fargo, turned commander


Ten years ago, Bilious Tomspoon was the mayor of Fargo. Who tasked the first Party with saving his city from the plant men that had overrun it. That did not work out. Abandoned and powerless, he had no one else to turn to but the Red Cogs, who captured both him and his city. They were enslaved, but at least they were safe. That is, until the Red Cogs’ leader was killed.

Tomspoon took it upon himself to lead the leaderless. And finally etch out a safe place for him and his people. Until word of So Fall and its expansion reached him. The same man who had abandoned him all those years ago, was clawing his way back to his city. His people. And if that wasn’t enough, another Faction had sneaked up behind them, claiming the remnants of the Red Cogs for themselves. The Knights of Genetic Purity.

Captured. Powerless. The cycle continued, and plagued Tomspoon. However, the Knights were kind. They helped him. They protected his people. They promised them the world. Safe from the very mutants who had betrayed him. Who had attacked his people. Stoking his fears. Feeding his prejudice. It was with them that he saw an opportunity. A chance to get strong, and finally fight back against those who would take from him and his people. He adopted the moniker, Commander Cogg, and took control of this new branch of the Knights. Intent on borrowing their strength. Maybe this time he could protect his home. Maybe this time he could get strong, influential enough to finally break away from the various powers that have been taking advantage of him and people.

But alas, he was defeated by the Party. Spared for a fate, that was to be decided by the very people he had attacked and betrayed.


Bilious Tomspoon

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