Alphonse Forkling



Hailing from Los Plumas far to the west, Alphonse Forkling (usually referred to as “Al” or “Alph”) makes his living as a courier for his stepdad’s business.

While he never met his father (because of course), Alph has been very attached to his mother Flora since childhood. Raising a child as a single mother post-apocalypse is a pretty tall order, but she managed to pull it off and make delicious desserts besides. When she fell ill, Alph was distraught- he started working as many jobs at the same time as possible (which, for a speedster, means a lot of jobs) and could still barely afford her medication. Despite this, she only seemed to get worse- the doctors’ “We just don’t know what’s wrong with her” spiel rang through Alph’s head like a cosmic condemnation.

Flora, though, is not one to lay down and become a plot device quietly. She saw Alph overworking himself futilely, and decided that even in her weakened state, she had to do something to stop his decline into hopelessness. Quietly, so as not to arouse Alph’s concern, she started looking for an at least moderately affluent husband. This proved difficult; while Flora is, even in her middling years, a beautiful woman, marrying a sick person in a radioactive wasteland is something most people avoid.

Fortunately, she found the impossible in the form of Atlas, the owner of a well-known courier business, and the two quickly married. Whether or not Alph’s potential use in Atlas’ business played a part in his acceptance of the proposal is unknown. The fact is, it doesn’t really matter to anyone involved; while he can be a harsh boss, working for Atlas is a huge improvement over Alph’s million-job days, and he’s relieved that he can share his mother’s burden with somebody more capable. Flora, of course, is just happy that Alph is no longer in the middle of his self-destruct sequence.

It’s been a few years since the marriage, and while Alph has settled comfortably in his courier role (gaining a few connections with the less violent members of some major cities in the process), his mother’s continued decline has renewed his worry. He’s anxious to find a cure for her- whether that means accruing wealth, exploring the far reaches of the planet, or maybe even taking some morally questionable actions- and that worry is beginning to show.

Personality-wise, Alph has managed to retain his naivete regarding the world mostly by running really, really fast from anything that looks particularly bad. Some may call this cowardice; Alph calls it… yeah, okay, it’s sort of cowardice. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a sense of justice, however. Particularly, Alph believes that anything cute should be protected, no matter the cost. This concept extends to his blather gecko, Babbles, whom Alph refuses to use as a translator on the off-chance that he breaks down for good.

The combination of Speedster and Electrokinetic makes for a horribly impatient, jittery lunatic- prolonged verbal exposure to Alphonse has been known to cause homicidal tendencies and potentially self-mutilation of the ears. He also has an incredibly cheesy sense of humor.

Currently, Alph is in So Fall, delivering a horse named Caballo to Carlos Santa Teresita Del Niño Jesús. Who or where that guy is, Alph has no idea, but it took forever getting this horse here, so he’ll be damned if he’s leaving the job unfinished.

Alphonse Forkling

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