Legacy of Nox


Abbadon, “The Death Bringer,” is the leader of one of the most notorious (and powerful) gangs in the Western Wastes, called The Eyes of Nox; an organization he founded twenty years ago, on the broken remains of the Knights of Castus. While their true objective may allude authorities, the Eyes seem particularly interested in Wild Land, and the Wild Card.

It may come as no surprise that Abbadon, like Artanis, is a Primal Legacy. Only his Pantheon is Nox, the Dreamer. He who sleeps. Abbadon possesses a fraction of his Primal’s power, which allows him to, among other equally distasteful abilities, resurrect and puppet the dead. In fact, over a third of his organization is comprised of those he’s personally revived.

Abbadon has four powerful lieutenants, that he calls The Four Horsemen. These individuals are Charon, Morbus, Lux, and Fames.



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