Wild Land

Perks Part Two

Junk and what it means to you


Ancient junk. You’ve rolled for it plenty of times in Season One, but you probably didn’t see much point in it, beyond a laugh – ha ha, I got a toilet seat guuuuuuuys! Well, I’d like to address that. By giving Ancient Junk purpose, beyond a tradable commodity, with the Ancient Junk Perks.

With the Ancient Junk Perks you can break down the aforementioned Junk into usable components. These components are, of this version of the crafting system: adhesive, antiseptic, cloth, metal, rubber, circuitry, oil, ceramic, glass, plastic, screws, and gears. With these components you can upgrade your companions, make healing items, restore broken omega tech, upgrade your gear, ect, ect.

The Ancient Rigger is one of the Junk Perks, which mostly revolves around tech. Robotic companions, building devices, and upgrading gear. Stuff like that. What you can build or upgrade is based entirely on your available components and whether or not you have a certain ‘recipe’. Which can be earned or purchased from NPCS. Found in Ancient Ruins. Or stumbled upon by sheer happenstance.

Since the Ancient Rigger is most likely the only junk perk that’s going to be picked up, I’ll just focus on them for now.

As of this version of the crafting system – and I’m always open to suggestions and criticisms – these are the starter recipes for the Rigger:



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