Wild Land

Colorful Conversation

Behind the Scenes Part 6

Hey Justice Red this is Boar. And uh I think this is the place, dood.

Justice has no name, Justice Blue. Use your Justice…name!

Okay dood.

Why would they be here?

Our comrade says the Wild Gang would appear here. In the Wasteland Entertainment building. I have no reason to doubt our ally…in Justice!

I’m lost, doods.

Right you are, Justice Red. This is where those fiends will appear. In the depths of this very building. Just passed the…vault.

I’m answering questions now doods. I got this.

Finally. A rematch. I will show them how much I’ve improved.

I don’t got this.

This isn’t about fighting, Justice Yellow. This is about protecting those who would be harmed by these villains…by fighting them!

This helmet dood is cheating, guys.

Has anyone seen Justice White? I fear he may be with that robotic monstrosity.

Probably at the vault, that he was scoping out earlier…



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